Your First Business Website

Starting a business is a pretty daunting process. There is so much to learn from how to do accounts, to getting the correct insurance, right through to the complexities of employing staff. Usually, an owner-manager has to do most of this themselves leaving little time for the actual business activity itself. It makes sense to [Read More]

Future Projects

At HTML5 Web Templates we never stop looking for better design concepts in order to build even better templates.  Future templates need to cater for non flat HTML sites, sites with functionality. At the same time they need to be fully responsive as more and more web sessions are made using a mobile phone or tablet. [Read More]

Is validating html code important?

The W3C html and CSS validators are very useful tools. They are easy to use, give clear results and provide lots of information about site errors as well as potential ways to fix them. These code checkers will highlight some basic coding errors such as incorrect attributes and missing opening or closing statements. These errors [Read More]

Website Speed Tests

In our last post we used some case studies to introduce you to the W3C html validation tools, what they do and how to interpret the results. In that article we made the point that validation is not the only test that you should perform on your website, site speed is an important factor too. [Read More]