Future Projects

At HTML5 Web Templates we never stop looking for better design concepts in order to build even better templates.  Future templates need to cater for non flat HTML sites, sites with functionality. At the same time they need to be fully responsive as more and more web sessions are made using a mobile phone or tablet.

We have our own web projects waiting in line for brand new templates that will allow these sites to shine, some of them really need a new design!

First up is a tattoo designs website called Tattooton.com.  This site has a large number of articles on the best tattoo designs found anywhere in the World.  Individual articles focus on a specific theme e.g. the best small tattoos, the best lower back tattoos or the best dragon tattoos! It is an image heavy site so the design needs to allow the best possible display for high-quality images without compromising on site load time.

Next up will be a site about facial health.  It’s not surprising things can go wrong with our face as it is one of the few parts of the body that is almost constantly exposed to the elements, sun, wind and rain.  Facial health helps its viewers understand and treat things like flat warts,  tingling and face numbness and swollen cheeks.  In this case the subject matter of health is serious and we will be designing a professional and easy on the eye theme that will aim to calm the sites visitors who may be suffering facial problems.